They place their hands in their mouths (and other items ) and they then reach everything again. Obviously they can not yet master great hand hygiene by themselves, therefore parents and caretakers are constantly on high alert, always cleaning up, wiping down and doing anything else they can to minimize their infants' chances of encountering contagious bacteria.

However, when you're Juggling kids and other household and probably work -- it is really hard to oversee your infant's hygiene combined with almost everything that they come into contact . There is just so much you can perform; which is fine, because kids will be vulnerable to germs however pristine your own household.

Germ vulnerability will occur anyhow, but we could take precautions to reduce. Following is a listing of the things which you ought to be focusing on together with expert tips about how and when to wash them.

A new study found that common baby items are dirtier than a pet’s water bowl. Here's how to keep the biggest offenders clean.

Toilet toys and rubber toys

A new study by analyzed (using g and blot culture swab tests) typical baby things (a tub toy, a teething toy, a stroller handle along with also a public diaper changing channel ) to find out exactly what tended to become the germiest. Toilet toys pulled everything out of the water, including more than 4.3 million colony-forming units (CFU) per square inch. At the conclusion of every bath time, we recommend soaking All of Your kid's Bath toys at a bathtub of hot water and mild liquid dish soap to get many Once dry, store them in a basket or storage bin beyond the restroom.

Teething toys and sippy cups

Since All these are always in your infant's mouth, we all like to have an additional step when cleaning them. First, soak in a bowl of warm water and mild liquid dish soap for a couple of minutes. Then, in a different tub or jar, combine together distilled white vinegar and warm water and then soak the teething toys for 15 minutes before rinsing fresh with cool water. Additionally in and from our children' mouths daily, sippy cups must be washed with care. Place Spout and valve in a bowl or container filled with baking soda, make overnight. At the morning, soak all bits in equivalent Use a jar Brush to wash the cup/top and wash to ensure you got everything.

Wooden toys

Don't soak or submerge them water. Wood is porous and water absorption could possibly harvest mould. Get a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water at a spray bottle. Spray cubes together with the solution. Wipe cubes with a sterile Microfiber fabric. When a spray bottle Isn't available, combine vinegar and Then dip a microfiber fabric in the vinegar/water Solution, wring out the microfiber cloth, and wash out the wooden blocks.

Plush toys

You ought to wash stuffed animals and much more lavish toys when it's obviously stained or dirty. In addition, it is wise to scrub these when the infant was sick to block the spread of germs. We recommend putting stuffed critters at a pillowcase should components come off through clean, and wash in the washing system according to directions on the label. If there are not any, it is normal to wash in warm water and tumble dry low.

Mattress and Bedding

Bedding Should be washed each week, or even more frequently if the need arise (overflow of diaper in case a small pops into bed). To begin with, vacuum each side of the mattress and under it up any loose debris. If the infant's mattress is watertight, just wipe with a baby wipe. Dish soap. Dip a microfiber fabric into the solution and then wash the mattress down. Wash all blankets and sheets. It's also wise to take precautions to safeguard against pollutants from the bed. As in any area of the home, the amount of pollutants which could develop in your children's bedroom are enormous, however they may be handled. To Be Able to protect Where they break Their heads nightly, encase their cushions and mattress in a sealed Tight dust-mite-proof cover. Ensure to Wash their sheets at least one time every week.

Stroller Manages

InsuranceQuote's study revealed that the ordinary stroller handles comprise 1,418,818 CFU, ranking them germiest of those four items analyzed. Normally, stroller handles are made from foam, making cleaning them simple. Lather up a dish with warm soapy water and then wash the handle down. If you would like to remove this measure, many manufactures currently offer you washable traction covers. On the move? Johnson suggests baby wipes to get a fast scrub down. InsuranceQuote's study revealed that the ordinary stroller handles comprise 1,418,818 CFU, ranking them germiest of those four items analyzed. Normally, stroller handles are made from foam, making cleaning them simple. Lather up a dish with warm soapy water and then wash the handle down.

Diaper changing area and diaper bins

Surprisingly, Public diaper changing stations were at the least germy of their four items analyzed in the analysis. Maintain the custom, and wash them, before and after usage. You will also need to maintain those diaper bins at tiptop sterile condition. Diapers Are a breeding ground for germs and once the diaper bins begin appearing like Mount Everest, it is time to get a deep wash to keep the germs at bay. To help remove any Lingering aromas, there urges the next. Mix together a DIY solution of 2 cups water to 40 drops lavender essential oil to antibacterial properties and also to conceal the odor of these yucky diapers. Every time a new tote is put in the bin, then sprinkle baking soda at the tote. In case you've got an additional stinky diaper, sprinkle a bit more baking soda after dropping it in the bin.

How to Properly Clean Your Dutch Oven & Cookie Sheets

Ever wonder how to properly clean your dutch oven and cookie sheets without ruining them? We’ve all made the mistake of purchasing and using a super abrasive sponge or cleaning solution to later find out we’ve scratched and ruined our most beloved kitchen items. Leave it to us - we’ve got an easy, no-hassle way to clean each without ruining anything (including your nails!).

First, start with a baking soda and dish soap mixture. Cover the bottom of the dutch oven and the entire cooking side of the cookie sheet using a scratch-free sponge. Let soak for an hour, then come back and lightly scrub off. Rinse and voila! A brand new dutch oven and cookie sheets ready for their next adventure!


Photo Via Tastes Better From Scratch

Photo Via Tastes Better From Scratch

We’re always on the hunt for simple, easy and refreshing summer recipes that we can whip up in a flash. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, the last place you want to be is in a hot kitchen cooking away for hours! One of our favorite easy summer dishes are these Asian Lettuce Wraps.


  1. Heat 1 Tbsp of olive oil in a large skillet or wok. Place chicken, red bell pepper and carrots in wok and stir fry 5-7 minutes on medium-high heat.

  2. Add water chestnuts and baby corn. Continue cooking for 10-12 minutes on medium-high heat.

  3. Add soy sauce, hoisin sauce, red pepper flakes and cornstarch, stirring as needed, until thickened.

  4. Add salt and pepper to taste, and top with green onions.

  5. Serve in lettuce cups for a delicious and crunchy meal!


  • 1 red or green bell pepper , finely chopped

  • 2 medium-sized carrots, finely chopped

  • 1 cup water chestnuts , chopped

  • 1 15 oz, can whole baby corn, roughly chopped

  • 1 green onion, copped

  • 1 head Boston Bib lettuce, or romaine lettuce leaves

  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil

  • 1 Tablespoon red pepper flakes

  • 1 pound ground chicken , or turkey

  • 6 Tablespoon low-sodium soy sauce

  • 2 Tablespoons hoisin sauce

  • 1...


We love a good DIY projects and with summer officially here, we’ve scoured the internet for the most tasteful DIY summer projects! These projects are easy-peasy and will have your outdoor area looking spiffed up and ready for entertaining.

DIY Stamped Doormat


Via  Dream Green DIY

Via Dream Green DIY

Could these be any cuter? We think not. You can purchase a plain outdoor mat at Target or on Amazon for a relatively inexpensive price. Lemons or oranges would also be a fun detail to add!

Tin Can Luminaries


Via  inhabitat

Via inhabitat

There are perfect to add to your backyard patio table, or lining your patio. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - adding some sort of lighting to your outdoor space is such a quick and easy way to elevate the ambiance.

Recycled Tire Seat Idea

Via  Style Me Pretty

Via Style Me Pretty

YES! Finally a DIY project that doesn’t look like a DIY project. Not only is this super easy and inexpensive, but it’s all outdoor ready material. We suggest adding these as a table or for extra seating around the bonfire.

DIY Mason Jar Bug...


Dish soap is one of those things that has so many different uses! We’ve picked out the top ways in which we like to use dish soap that are a little more on the creative side. We’d love to hear about any dish soap hacks or uses that you have as well!

Wash Your Windows

To really get your windows squeaky clean, use about 3-4 drops of dish soap in a gallon of water and use as a cleaning spray!

Homemade Bubbles for The Kids

Who knew! All it takes is a little equal part dish soap and warm water mixed with either glycerin or Karo syrup and voila - bubbles for the kids!

Unclog a Toilet

Squirt some dish soap into the toilet and follow with a bucket of hot water!

Kids Toy Wash

Make up a soap solution of water and dish soap. Submerge each water-friendly toy and scrub until clean!

Non-Toxic Lubricant for Squeaky Doors

Instead of using the typical oil-based spray to relieve squeaky doors, try just a couple drops of dish soap to get the same results!

Inflatable Kids Pool Cleaner

We advise washing these out every couple of weeks, especially if they’re constantly holding water! Use a dish soap and water solution to scrub clean. Don’t forget to dry it out to prevent any mildew from accumulating!



Wash or Wipe Off Shoes & Outerwear -

This is a big one! Even though pollen season is over, your jacket and outerwear probably still has some pollen hiding out on it. Just a quick wipe down of shoes with a disinfectant wipe will have them clean as new and pollen free. Wash all outerwear on a regular washing cycle.

Wash Your Car -

FINALLY! Gone are the days of green-tinted cars littering the streets! Your car is most susceptible to accumulating the most amount of pollen out of all the items on your list. Be sure to spend ample time washing and waxing the outside of your car. And don’t forget to detail the inside as well, since pollen can easily sneak in through the opening/closing of doors and windows. A couple of regular washes after a deep clean/detail should have the pollen gone for good!

Wash the Windows –

You can buy an inexpensive window cleaner at the store that easily hooks up to your outdoor hose. Once you’re done spraying down the outside of the windows, wipe out the window sills on the inside with a rag to ensure every drop of pollen in accounted for!

Empty Your Vacuum –

This one seems obvious but it’s most often gets overlooked! Chances are, you’re vacuum is still...


1.     Tend to the Grass

Pick the Weeds! Whether it’s in the cracks of the sidewalks or driveways, or littered across your front yard, just pick ‘em! There is nothing more natural in a landscape than grass. If you’re wanting to save some money on a landscaping idea, try incorporating this natural element into the scene as heavily as possible. Grass doesn’t get enough credit. It’s a gorgeous color, it grows easily and odds are, it’s already existent in your landscape. In this funky scene, stepping stones are used to create an interesting pattern in the grass. The brilliant green just cuts between the stones creating a fun shape that is definitely an eye-catcher.

2.     Add a Border

Whether it’s around your flower beds or other plants, this has to be one of the easiest and cheapest landscaping ideas. Simply add a stone edge and mulch to pretty up already-existing flower beds or shrubbery!

3.     Light It Up

Another inexpensive way you can spruce up your landscaping is by adding lights! With the variety in outdoor lighting, you can do so much with outdoor lights these days. It’s perfect to add a little “glow” without putting a huge increase in the electric bill. Extra bonus - they...

Blog Post Photo- Black Bean Salsa.jpg

Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Oil and vinegar. These are all great matchups, but there is no pair quite as esteemed as chips and salsa!

Crunchy tortilla chips are the constant, and salsa the variable, because there are just so many varieties to choose from. Our favorite though, has got to be this black bean salsa!

You can scoop it up with chips, top your taco salad, or use it as a vegetarian taco filling. However you choose to enjoy it, we know it’s going to become a staple in your kitchen.

This recipe is a cinch to make- no heating required, but it does need to sit for eight hours, or preferably overnight. So add it to your Monday agenda, and it will be ready just in time for Taco Tuesday!



  • 1/3 c. olive oil

  • 1 Tbs red wine vinegar

  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar

  • 1 tsp cider vinegar

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin

  • 1/2 tsp granulated sugar

  • 1/8 tsp ground red pepper (or more for a bit more spice!)



  • 2-16 oz. cans black beans, drained and rinsed

  • 1 1/2 c. frozen corn kernels, thawed

  • 3/4 c. chopped red onion

  • 1/2 c. chopped red bell pepper

  • 1-2 avocado diced

  • 1/4 c. cilantro chopped

  • 1 clamshell cherry tomatoes


  1. Pour black beans into your dish.

  2. Combine all dressing...

Blog Post-Bathroom.jpg
Blog Post- Kitchen.jpg

There are so many great cleaning products on the market, and trust us, we’ve tried most of them. But we find ourselves circling back to our tried and true favorite: vinegar. We love a good all-purpose cleaner, but when buying it from a store, you never know what you’re actually getting in that bottle do you?

There’s nothing more universal than vinegar. And we like it because it’s safe for our kids, for our pets, and for ourselves.

Vinegar is a great cost-effective way to keep your home spick and span. It can be used for most routine chores like mopping floors and wiping down windows, but we’re going to share some of our favorite ways to incorporate it into a deep cleaning routine for your kitchen and bathroom.

1. Dishwasher

What you need: 2 c. white vinegar, dishwasher safe dish

It sounds somewhat counterintuitive that you have to wash a washer, but all of that food and grime builds up over time. Cut the grease and reduce the odors by running a cycle with a bowl full of vinegar on the top rack. Leave out the detergent and any dirty dishes. Set it to ‘Regular.’ Repeat this process every month, or whenever you notice build-up or smell.

2. Microwave

What you need: 2 c. water, 2 Tbs....

Photo Credit:  Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Photo Credit: Chelsea’s Messy Apron


  • 1 pre-made pie crust

  • 1 cup smoked ham, cut into 1/4-inch cubes

  • 1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar

  • 1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack

  • 1 green onion, chopped thinly

  • 3/4 cup heavy cream

  • 6 large eggs

  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 375°

  2. Combine ham, sharp cheddar, Monterey Jack, and green onions in a small bowl and scatter into the pie crust

  3. In a large bowl, whisk together heavy cream, eggs, salt, and pepper. Pour egg mixture over filling in pie crust.

  4. Bake until just set in the center, about 40 minutes.

  5. Let cool for 15 minutes and enjoy!

  1. Vintage Accents

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

2. Neutrals

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

3. Navy Blue (the color of 2020)

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

4. Velvet

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

5. Colored Cabinets

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

6. Geometric Patterns

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

7. Feminine Tones

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

8. Floral Wallpaper

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

9. Bold Backsplash

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

10. High-Contrast Decor

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

11. Mixed Metals

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

12. Olive Trees

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

13. Japanese-Inspired Accents

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

14. Canopy Beds


  1. Microfiber

    It’s no secret that we love our microfibers! This is the one versatile cleaning product that we can use on just about anything. From wiping down marble kitchen countertops, to pledging wooden surfaces, this is truly the most versatile rag.

  2. Squeegee Rag

    These are a life savior and they’re much easier to use compared to a regular towel! We use them for drying just about anything but they’re particularly useful to use in bathrooms. Once you’re done cleaning the shower, tub or sink, you can use a squeegee rag to dry. Just keep ringing out the rag once it’s full of water to use it again!

  3. Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner

    We’ve talked about our Better Life products before and although we truly believe they’re all great products, the all-purpose is so easy to use on any surface. We love that an all natural cleaner can be used on just about anything, making it easy to quickly wipe down any surface or piece of furniture.

  4. Scoth-Brite Non-Scratch Sponge

    These are the best when you’re trying to get that tough grease and grime off kitchen appliances. Some people make the mistake of not using a non-scratch sponge and unfortunately, doing so can ruin your appliances! The non-scratch is...


The holidays are always a busy time, and most of us will have family or friends visiting from out of town. Creating a cozy atmosphere to catch up, relax and unwind is essential for enjoying your holiday, and ensuring your guests are as well. We appreciate the long (or short!) distance they’ve come to see us and we want them to know it! 

Stock Up on Snacks & Drinks

Food can sometimes provide such comfort, especially having homemade food ready to reheat or pull straight out of the fridge to snack on. Having them easily accessible is the key! If you’re unsure of what their favorite snacks are, it’s always good to ask ahead of time so that you can stock up before their arrival. Don’t forget to take into account any dietary preferences, like vegan or dairy-free! Having these options handy is always appreciated when someone has diet restrictions and they’re traveling from out of town. 

Clear Out Some Space For Clothes

Depending on how long they’re staying, clearing out some space in the guest room closet or dresser can go a long way. Having enough space to unpack the essentials so that you can store your suitcase will not only lend to more space in the room but also elicit the feeling of...

Via:  Apartment Therapy

Via: Apartment Therapy

Via:  Country Living

Via: Country Living

Via:  Country Living

Via: Country Living

Via:  Country Living

Via: Country Living

Via:  Country Living

Via: Country Living

Via:  Country Living

Via: Country Living

Via:  Country Living

Via: Country Living

Via:  Elle Decor

Via: Elle Decor

Via:  Elle Decor

Via: Elle Decor

Via:  Joyfully Growing

Via: Joyfully Growing

Via:  Homemeridian

Via: Homemeridian

Via:  Martha Stewart

Via: Martha Stewart


With the holidays fast approaching (is it November already?!) we’re already thinking about what to cook up for our guests! One of the most popular dishes we’ve put together in the past is our charcuterie board. It has a little something for everything and it’s usually gone within the first 30 minutes of guests arriving! Below is an outline of the different items and arrangements that we include but feel free to get creative to make it your own. Our only recommendation is - variety, variety, variety! This ensures that everyone is satiated!

First, start by picking out the perfect cutting board or serving plate to display your charcuterie board on. Depending on the number of guests you’ll have, we recommend a 28-inch board - either round or square. Then, start by creatively arranging each different category of food on your board. We like to keep some things together (like crackers strategically paced next to the dip) but overall, clustering each into separate piles onto the board is your best bet. Having several piles placed in different areas on your board makes it easier for your guests to pick at it, versus having to constantly reach over someone to get to the specific treat...


Now that the colder weather is finally settling in, it’s time to get the house organized! Some of the biggest pain points that we hear from our clients is the collection of kids toys and their lack of organization. It may seem like a daunting process but having a designated area for each toy alleviates the issue of having scattered toys around the house, or in the kids rooms or toy rooms. We start by finding a home for everything!

This is the cutest idea! It seems like a revolving door of kids artwork from either home activities, or school. This is a great way to showcase weekly or monthly art before storing or tossing. Via:  Morning Chores

This is the cutest idea! It seems like a revolving door of kids artwork from either home activities, or school. This is a great way to showcase weekly or monthly art before storing or tossing. Via: Morning Chores

Having a built-in shelf below seating is a functional way to store not only books, but any toys. Throw in a little color coordination and you’ve got the perfect organization! Via:  Elle Decor

Having a built-in shelf below seating is a functional way to store not only books, but any toys. Throw in a little color coordination and you’ve got the perfect organization! Via: Elle Decor

Labels, labels, labels! Although it’s a bit of upfront work, it’s worth the time and energy! Having labeled bins or storage units can not only make a closet look and feel organized, but it’s easier to find what you need a lot quicker! Via:  House Beautiful

Labels, labels, labels! Although it’s a bit of upfront work, it’s worth the time and energy! Having labeled bins or storage units can not only make a closet look and feel organized, but it’s easier to find what you need a lot quicker! Via: House Beautiful

If your kids are particularly artful, this is such a useful way to store various art supplies. Having color coordination not only helps when you’re getting your creative juices flowing, but for room aesthetic as well. Via:  Elle Decor

If your kids are...


1.     Winterize Your Air Conditioning

Outdoor central AC units should remain cleaned and winterized to ensure maximum use for the future. Start by removing any leaves, twigs or grass clippings that have accumulated over the summer. You can use a garden hose to rinse the outdoor air conditioner, removing droppings, bugs, dirt, etc. Once you allow the HVAC unit to dry completely, cover it with a waterproof air condition cover and you’re good to go!

2.     Clean Out The Gutters

This is very important! You’ve kept those gutters clean all summer and now it’s time for one last clean out before the winter. Clogged gutters have the potential to channel water down the side of your home where it could eventually damages the foundation or flood your basement. If getting a ladder out and cleaning them out yourself sounds like too much work, hire a company to do it – it’s worth it!

3.     Fertilize Your Lawn

This may seem a little confusing given that the summer season is over and the color of your grass starts to immediately fade to brown. But according to some experts, fertilizing your lawn in fall helps to protects it over the winter. It’s also said to help it green up faster come...

Our hardwood floors are one of our biggest investments and most people struggle to maintain them properly. Luckily, we’ve put together a hardwood floor care routine that’s easy to slip into your busy schedule.

Hardwood Floor Care_FB.jpg

DAILY // Sweep & Dust

A quick sweep goes a long way! We know it’s hard to squeeze in ANY cleaning with a busy schedule but a quick sweep at the end of the day will go a long way! It ensure that your floors are always looking tidy and will prevent you from having to dedicate too much time when you’re ready to vacuum or mop at the end of the week.

chores-cleaning-contemporary-1321730 (1).jpg

WEEKLY // Vacuum & Mop

Vacuuming and mopping the floor is such a necessity in a busy home - especially if you have animals. If you’re already maintaining the floors by dry dusting or sweeping, the weekly vacuum and mopping shouldn’t take long! Remember to set the vacuum to the care floor function to avoid any scratching. For mopping, we advise on using wood-floor-specific cleaner to avoid any harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the floors sealing.

MONTHLY // Polish

Most people aren’t aware that polishing your wood floors is a...

With the kids back in school, we’re always looking for new, easy recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Whether it’s a quick after-school snack or a dinner party treat, these avocado apps are sure to hit the spot! We’d love to know - what’s your go-to after-school snack?



  • 4 avocados halved & pitted

  • 8-10 cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped

  • 7 oz. feta cheese chopped

  • 1 small cucumber, chopped thinly

  • handful of pomegranate seeds

  • mint, cilantro, salt & pepper for tasting

  • Olive oil for light drizzling


  1. Combine cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber, pomegranate seeds, mint & cilantro

  2. Spoon mixture into your halved/pitted avocados

  3. Drizzle with olive oil. Salt & pepper to taste


Lowering Your Electric Bill_ West Domestic Housekeeping

With temps soaring and the AC buzzing, August is one of the most expensive months for energy-use. We’re on the homestretch for sweltering temps but to keep your energy bill down in the meantime, try checking off a couple of items from the list below!

1. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

This one seems to always be at the top of the ‘energy-saving’ list and for good reason! Not only do traditional, incandescent light bulbs consume an excessive amount of electricity but they even have to be replaced more often than energy efficient bulbs. The alternatives, light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs), halogen incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) use roughly 25-80% less electricity and can potentially last up to 25 times longer. Although energy efficient bulbs are typically more expensive to purchase, their energy reduction and longer use means that you’ll be saving money in the long run!

2. Air Dry Your Clothes

The heated drying cycle on your dishwasher take more energy than you probably think. By skipping the drying cycle and letting your dishes air dry, you can save an average of 15-50% on energy.

3. Use Smart Power Strips

Given we’re in the technology era, most households...


With summer about halfway through, we’re on the homestretch before it's back to binders and backpacks! It can be hard to keep the kids entertained but with summer coming to a close, we’ve listed a few unique ways that you can up the anty :).

Backyard stargazing

Is there really anything better than looking up at the star-filled sky on a warm summer night? Sometimes we take the most simple of things for granted, like a beautiful night sky full fo stars. Make it special by whipping up some star-gazing snacks or special treats that the kids can enjoy while lying on the over-sized blanket in the grass staring up at the sky.

Meet friends at the local playground for a picnic

Especially with young toddlers, it’s hard to keep them occupied while they’re exploring EVERYTHING! It can be exhausting trying to wrangle them, while still ensuring they’re getting out of the house and getting the socialization that they need. Packing up the summer cooler with some snacks and refreshing drinks can be the perfect way to turn an ordinary park play date into a fun afternoon activity.

Sidewalk Foam Paint

Stepping up the typical sidewalk chalk, outdoor foam paint is both fun and easily washable! We...